15 Reasons To Go Organic

1.In study after study, research from independent organizations consistently shows organic food is higher in nutrients than traditional foods. Research shows that organic produce is higher in vitamin C,antioxidants, and the minerals calcium, iron, chromium, and magnesium.

2. They’re free of neurotoxins–toxins that are damaging to brain and nerve cells. A commonly-used class of pesticides called organophosphates was originally developed as a toxic nerve agent during World War I. When there was no longer a need for them in warfare, industry adapted them to kill pests on foods. Many pesticides are still considered neurotoxins.

3. They’re supportive of growing children’s brains and bodies. Children’s growing brains and bodies are far more susceptible to toxins than adults. Choosing organic helps feed their bodies without the exposure to pesticides and genetically-modified organisms, both of which have a relatively short history of use (and therefore safety).

4. They are real food, not pesticide factories. Eighteen percent of all genetically-modified seeds (and therefore foods that grow from them) are engineered to produce their own pesticides. Research shows that these seeds may continue producing pesticides inside your body once you’ve eaten the food grown from them! Foods that are actually pesticide factories…no thanks.

5. Most organic food simply tastes better than the pesticide-grown counterparts.

6. Organic products meet stringent standards

7. Organic food tastes great!

8. Organic production reduces health risks

9 .Organic farms respect our water resources

10.Organic farmers build healthy soil

11. Organic farmers work in harmony with nature

12. Organic producers are leaders in innovative research

13. Organic producers strive to preserve diversity

14. Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy

15. Organic abundance – Foods and non-foods alike!